Thursday, March 26, 2015

There's no HItch

I had always wanted to do the Hitchhiker pattern ever since I had seen it at the 2013 New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  I was gifted this pattern right around the time my best friend had her 50th birthday, giving me the  perfect opportunity to produce this beautiful project.  The Hitchhiker is something simple and quick, yet gives the appearance of modern style.  Although the "saw blade" edges look complicated, it really is quite simple to accomplish.

I used two 100g balls of Berroco Boboli Lace, a sport weight wool blend with a Size 4 (3.50 mm) needle.  Though it has the appearance of being underpun, it produced a nice fabric.  I had originally purchased this for "The Age of Brass and Steel," but I'm glad I used it for this.  The blue gray colorway along with the garter stitch made for a nice texture. 

This triangle shawlette begins with a two stitch cast on, and increasing almost every row.  Short rows are created by turning the work before you get to the end of a row.  It is very simple to follow, even though it is worked in short rows.  Make sure you have extra yarn and count your stitches.  While most projects pages called for a 100g ball, I ran out of yarn.  Thank goodness I was able to find the same colorway to finish the project.  This classic design is definitely a repeat project.