Saturday, March 24, 2012

My First "Two at a Time" Toe Up Socks

I have always wanted to try toe up socks and finally decided to give it a try. This is a simple pattern that I found on The Sock Yarn is some nice 100% cotton yarn that I had received in a previous swap. The recipient was my sister who lives in Tennessee. The cotton made sense since the weather there is much warmer and wool socks probably wouldn't be worn as much. 

I used a "figure eight" cast on for the toe with 60" Addi Turbo Size 1 needles. It was a little tough beginning at the toe with so little stitches and such long needles. Once the increasing for the toe was done, it was smooth sailing. I did the heel flaps one at a time because it was just easier. One of these days, I'll master the short row heel and not have to separate. It was an easy project, but you have to do everything backwards from cuff down. Just pay attention to the directions and you'll be fine. I hope that my sister like them.

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