Friday, June 13, 2008

Recieve and Give

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I'm so excited to participate in this group on Ravelry. It is modeled after the movie "Pay it Forward. I am now in need of three Pay it Forward Angels. If you're interested in becoming an angel for me, please post here. I will email you requesting the information I need from you. I will then make you a hand made gift within six months. This is my pledge to you. You then will "pay it forward" and send a gift to three angels that you acquire. Get the picture. I hope to get three angels of my own soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi I would love to do this I am ladyfemme on rav please contact me there.

angelfire said...

This is great, I pay it forward all of the time and think what a great thing to be part of group that is paying it forward each day.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to pay it forward too! I don't get alot of traffic on my blog but I'm sure I can find 3 people to spoil! ♥ Kelly

Oh and I'm Haileysmomscat on ravelry :)