Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show Me the Money - Glynis

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This is the first project of my Cookie A - Sock Innovation goal.  The first pattern, "Glynis" was knit up in some Opal that was given to me as a prize. Normally I wouldn't have chosen this odd colorway, but began to love it as it worked up, 

While the photo doesn't do the colors justice, the scheme reminded me of the same colors of money; (ie, dollar bills). Every time a passerby saw me knitting on this project, they would agree with me that it reminded them of US currency. 

The socks knit up a little tighter than I wanted. I used a Size 1 circular needle with the magic loop method. Cookie A doesn't offer up different sizes in her book "Sock Innovation," but does give a nice tutorial on how to size up or down to your liking. I guess I should have read that before beginning, but I was lucky that my foot was the size of her template.

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