Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For Tracey

I have a coworker, Tracey who is constantly giving me yarn.  God Bless her sweet mom who forgets all about the purchase.  As a result, Tracey ends up giving me the yarn.  I can see that her mother still has a good eye, because I absolutely love the colorway of this Lion Brand Chunky yarn.  

Instead of doing more squares, or something for myself, I figured I'd pay this "pay it forward" backwards - so to speak.  I made this hat from the Robin's Egg Pattern from  The original pattern called for a (who knew) robin's egg blue chunky, but it works with almost any colorway.  Again, with most of my hats, the challenge was to find a cool button to go on the hat.  As luck would have it, Joanne's Fabric came to my rescue.  Another $2.00 button that is just as fashionable.  

Anyway........the recipient of the hat, Tracey, absolutely loved it and modeled it for me tonight.  Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.  She looked lovely in it.  I plan to continue to knit like a "mad hatter" by doing some cool wooly wormhead patterns that I just purchased.

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